Little Bits.

This was the week fresh direct from Hades. But everywhere, there were little glimmers of something beautiful that reminded me, this too shall pass.

MONDAY: Joanna Newsom. ’81 sang me off the ledge pretty much every damn day, to be honest.

TUESDAY: Andrew Bird. I’m so in love with his voice, his instrumentation, everything.

WEDNESDAY: Five minutes in the morning to drink my coffee in peace before being bombarded at work.

The hummus with veggies on freshly baked whole grain baguette at the local gourmet shop. Food of the gods, no lie.


Also, Team Sleep.

On Thursday, things still seemed bleak. A good cry and a nap on the bus later, I came home to find this in my hallway:


And Friday night, this:

Source: via Jessa on Pinterest

Yeah, that’s right, JASON WU FOR TARGET! And it’s MINE ALL MINE!

Oh, also, New. York. Fashion. Week. More to come on that soon….

Saturday, SOOOOOUP!

And then, the news about Whitney Houston hit. More sadness, lots of tears (I know, I know, it’s not like I knew her or anything, but still….), and a good dose of nostalgia that reminded me that I’ve been through worse than what I’m dealing with now. Even better, I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life who know who I am and love me for it.

Committing to loving myself more. Taking deep breaths. Remembering all the good in my life. Looking forward. Never giving up.



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