Sweet Love Magick Hangover.

Last weekend, I had the honor of participating in the NYC Love Magick Anthology reading at the amazing Bowery Poetry Club, and I’m still reeling from the lovebuzzrush. But first:

Saturday: I had a nice little walk around Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill with fellow Love Magick contributor LM. We did some rapid fire editing and giggly confessions of jangling nerves over chocolate loveliness and a single rose at The Chocolate Room. (Try the Francesca and Lola truffles. Seriously, heaven.)

More importantly, we picked up swag (on sale!) at By Brooklyn, a brilliantly curated little general store on Smith Street:

The tee is for my lover man. The Tumbador chocolates are supposed to be also, but…we’ll see.


Seven Deadly Sins chocolates, fuck yeah! Gluttony (center gold-flecked) never looked so good. 

Then Lover Man and I wandered the rain-soaked streets of Downtown Brooklyn until, famished but still in good spirits, we landed at a little pizzeria in Ft. Greene. We were hoping for a romantic date night, and let me tell you, there is nothing more romantic than the first euphoric bite of a Sicilian slice. That little snap of crust, the pillowy, chewy center, the rich, salty cheese strings stretching from my mouth to the plate. Oh. My. God.

Sexy time.

Sunday was the big day, which I started out by getting a bitchin’ mani-pedi using Essie’s A-List. Fakin’ it ’til I make it, lovelies.

And then: The John Barrett Salon Braid Bar. Oh yes. It is everything you would expect and more.  Alex, the man with hands of gold, diplomatically advised I treat my (stressed out scalp and fried) strands with oil but assured me that I “have great hair!” Alex shampooed my stress away; for the first time all weekend I truly relaxed. I had no idea how tense and nervous I was until I realized I had been sitting in the shampoo chair with my feet arched up, tiptoes bracing for–what, exactly? Breathe. Breathe. The shampoo smelled opulent and beautiful; I imagine this is what heaven would smell like. I thumbed through a recent issue of Tatler and had my hair braided by the brilliant Bonnie. The resulting braid was exactly what I had envisioned: a little tough, a little edgy, a hint of softness, perfectly me. A brief makeup refresher, and I was off!


So pretty!


Love the side view!

But what about the reading? The Bowery was wonderful, the crowd and community of readers were wildly supportive, and we all had a blast! Liz Axelrod wrote an amazing review for Electric Literature’s blog, The Outlet: http://electricliterature.com/blog/2012/02/23/magickal-readism-at-the-bowery-poetry-club/

I celebrated with dive bar margaritas, hugs in the middle of St. Mark’s Place and a late night falafel sandwich from Mamoun’s. It was perfect.

Before returning home the next day, I stopped at Smith Canteen for a chicory latte and got one last smile from the barista’s description of my order, written in such perfect script on my cup:

Chic Jessa




  1. melaniekristy · February 26, 2012

    i love this, jessa. and your hair is still sooo cool to look at! xo

  2. Tegan · February 27, 2012

    oh how lovely! those chocolates look divine, and I love your hair! a wonderful adventure 🙂

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