fairy tales and creep shows: art at west chester university

So, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Senior Art Show at West Chester University with my friend Bee. Apparently, horror, humor and fairy tales are alive and well in the next generation of artists. By the time I left the show, I wanted to be in an enchanted forest somewhere, talking to the animals and looking for spooky things.

Josh Waber’s Lockjaw welcomed us all to the show.

Templar and Horned Helms by Kyle Bishop

Horned Helm Plaster

Horned Helm Resin


This series by DiannaĀ Vongphachanh is pretty outrageous. I absolutely love how the pieces still have a sense of motion to them.




Rose Haywood’s graphic designs were great, but it was her showcasing of the brilliant Saul Williams that hooked me.

Saul Williams by Rose Haywood. Brilliant.

Liana Tutrone’s Vampire Energy poster is both cheeky and creepy.


Loved seeing the darker side of fairy tales, whether implied or explicit.

Charmed Hands by Kathryn Welsford

Brandon Spector’s creatures were made out of recycled material like plastic bags and shredded paper. Utterly fucking cool, the epitome of creation. So inspiring. I imagine them to be the guardians of some hidden kingdom.



Is it just me, or does Red Riding Hood’s cape look a tad…phallic?

Little Red Riding Hood by John Burdumy

And finally, we end our fantastical journey with a heaping plateful of…mancakes!

Mancakes by Matthew Williams

Mmmm…mancakes. Talk about a fairy tale ending!