seasons of love.

While 95% of the world is out getting drunk and merry making, Lover Man and I are home recuperating from the holidays and being old people who swig wine straight from the bottle and watch shitty music videos. This is not unlike what actually occurred on our first date. Soul mates for real. Anyway, dear readers, we have made it through another year, and whether your year was fucking horrendous or made of rainbows and sunshine and glitter, you are still here. (Mine  fell somewhere in the middle.) Opportunity awaits.

Speaking of…

I am so excited to be a part of The Kindred Collective, a collaborative art blog! I’ll be contributing weekly, along with some brilliant artists; come check it out!

My goal this year is to create more. Spread love, tell stories. Heal.

Rent holds a special place in my heart; it entered my life when I really didn’t know if I had the strength to peel myself off the floor and get past survival mode. I think about it every year around this time. Seasons of Love is a reminder for me to just keep going. Progress. Love.



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