[sic] life

I want to put my words out there, but I hold them deep inside, at the very core of my being, where they burn a hole into my gut.

It’s the reason I keep starting and stopping this blog. I want to do more, do better.

Lately, I’ve been making even more of an effort.

Artist dates are a must. I’ve been able to take myself on some pretty stellar ones lately, usually involving yummy food and drink to help fuel my brain and get the pen moving.


I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Honeygrow, but it’s amazing. If you’re ever in Philly, NJ or Northern Delaware, you need to try a honeybar fruit bowl and kale’atta. Decomposition Book optional but highly recommended.


This is a fantastic cafe I stumbled upon one day, and I’m kind of in love. I mean, if you’re going to get oatmeal at a cafe, it should always be as pretty and composed as this.

Then, there are the days when leaving your house is just not happening. It’s cool. Surround yourself with beautiful things that remind you life can be beautiful.


Is there anyone more equipped to help infuse your life with glamour and beauty than Dita Von Teese? I think not.

Look for the beauty in everything, everywhere and be inspired.



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