One of the joys of having Netflix again is stumbling upon old favorites. One of those treasures is Unzipped, the Isaac Mizrahi documentary. I actually met Isaac years ago, when the film came out of VHS (#old), and he signed it for me. I brought it into school the next day, and someone smudged his signature, but I still held on to my VHS, watching the movie daily, sometimes several times in one day, enthralled in the process of creation. How inspiration is interpreted through a unique perspective. Through this film, you can see how Isaac formed his aesthetic. It was so powerful for me to witness. And the clothes! An empire waist strapless pink dress. A butter yellow slip dresses paired with a voluminous coat. The ball gown skirts paired with whisper thin tank tops. OBSESSED.

Then there are the people! The supermodels (Cindy! Shalom! Linda! Kate! NAOMI!) interacting backstage. Isaac gabbing with Candy Pratts Price, Eartha Kitt, Andre Leon Talley, Mark Morris and Sandra Bernhardt. We also get to see clips of classic movies that have woven their way into Isaac’s life and vernacular. (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! Valley of the Dolls!) Watching it as an adult, I now see how valuable the movie was to me becoming a writer. I still carry what I’ve learned about interpreting inspiration and being unapologetic about staying true to who you are as an artist.

Watch and learn.



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