diy: honeybar edition


The one, the only, Honeybar snack.

I stopped into Honeygrow the other day while running errands for one of their insanely delicious honeybar snacks. Basically, it’s fruit, honey and toppings like candied cashews and granola. In addition to being super tasty, honeybar snacks are made with locally sourced ingredients. The buckwheat honey is pretty much the best thing ever.


It really is that good.

Unfortunately, all of this local foodie goodness comes at a price. Namely, $5.95. (Yogurt costs an extra 50 cents. Probiotics ain’t cheap.) While this is a fabulous treat, and I love supporting a local business, I’m also not made of money. This babe is on a strict budget. So, still craving this awesomeness today, I checked my pantry and made my own no-frills honeybar snack. (It’s basically a yogurt parfait, in case you couldn’t already tell. Keep up.)


My own budget version…unfortunately, the light isn’t as flattering in my kitchen as it is by the window at Honeygrow.

Ta-da! I didn’t have the exact ingredients that went into my honeybar snack, but I had gorgeous fresh strawberries, apple cinnamon crunchy granola bars, maple yogurt and honey. (I also had coconut shavings, but I seriously forgot about them until…just now, actually.)

The maple yogurt combined with a drizzle of honey gave a flavor similar to the excellent local buckwheat honey used in my fancypants honeybar snack, and the apple cinnamon granola was the perfect bit of crunch, similar to the candied cashews I had in my other snack. It was delicious, filling and way cheaper than $5.95. (Granola is an option at honeygrow, but I love the candied cashews.)


The perfect breakfast for a frugal foodie.

Next time you’re craving a treat from a beloved eatery but your bank account isn’t cooperating, try whipping up a similar version.

Don’t worry, Honeygrow. I’ll still be by for more goodies soon. Maybe I’ll even get a noodle bowl, but it’s so hard to resist local yogurt and buckwheat honey….



easter sunday



Saturday night nom-ables. Pretzels + Cream Cheese = PERFECTION.

Well, here we are, the day after Easter, and while I didn’t post every day, I’ve posted more consistently and am getting more comfortable sharing little bits of my world with others (even though I’m pretty sure no one reads/cares). Saturday, we binge-watched shows on Netflix and pigged out on old-school treats. Yesterday was a quiet day; Easter’s usually a family affair, but this year, I went out to grab coffee with a friend and then hung out with Lover Man at home. We ate leftover frittata with white rice and beans, laughed a lot and watched Food Network. It was quiet and silly and perfect.

And now, what do I do with this space? I keep sharing. I keep growing.



simple pleasures



Tired? Hungry? Cupboards a bit bare? Eggs and white rice save the day every time. It practically cooks itself, and the runny yolk coating the fluffy, soft rice is incredibly decadent. The best part? It’s cheap as hell. This is basmati rice, but any rice will do. Sometimes, I’ll saute some spinach or green beans to go with it, but today, it was old school all the way. Next time I’ll be sure to add a few drops of hot sauce into the mix, but a sprinkling of salt is really all you need.

Eating this while listening to Clara Amfo on BBC Radio 1 was pretty much the highlight of my day. No shame. Craig David and Katy B are magical in this Live Lounge performance:

Eat. Listen. Breathe.





Recently, I found myself in Philadelphia, where I like to go when I need more city life in my life. I can’t always get to New York, so when I’m craving a taste of my hometown, Philly usually fits the bill. I was tempted to duck into one of the cafes I’d been to before or default to La Colombe because, duh, but I decided to try somewhere new and headed to Menagerie. When I saw this sign, I knew I had come to the right place.


I got a glass of beautiful cold brew and snagged a seat in the back. The space was small, and, though I was bummed that all of the front spaces were occupied on the ridiculously warm pre-spring day, I snagged a seat in the back, which was cozy and quiet.



Besides, had I not sat in the back, I might never have seen this beautiful art area awash in baby pinks and blues.





I can’t wait to return and try one of their lattes, a sandwich and a cookie. Cozy up at the picture window, watch the world go by and write, write, write!


austin’s coffee.


I am a cafe freak, so when someone suggested checking out Austin’s Coffee, I was game. It was a perfect Orlando night; slightly breezy and warm enough to sit outside under the stars. The iced soy chai latte was sweet and slightly spicy, both refreshing and warming.


The atmosphere was both really chill and borderline hyper. Not that it was chaotic or overwhelming, just super colorful and giddy.


Also…Slimer, guys.


Freakin’ Slimer.


Drink it all in.


tiny beautiful [kitchen] things.

So, a friend of mine posted a short video on Facebook today of someone making tiny doughnuts. It was so oddly comforting and meditative, seeing the care and precision required to make these itty bitty confections.

Apparently, it’s part of an entire series on Tastemade called, aptly enough, Tiny Kitchen.

Needless to say, I’ve watched every single video. They’re just so strange but so incredibly adorable. It’s like someone is having a party for their local group of Littles or faeries.

While I do like the doughnut video best,┬áthe scrambled eggs and bacon comes a close second. Maybe it’s because that’s a meal I make often. Simple, comforting, classic.

All these teeny tiny how-to’s are worth watching, though, if for nothing else than to give you ideas of what you’d like to cook for your next (human-sized) dinner. Teeny tempura! Miniature steak! Lilliputian queso dip!

It’s all in the details….


calming cupcakes.

I went to a wedding last weekend. Actually, I went to two weddings last weekend (yes, you read that right), but the first one I went to was outdoors. There was so much beauty in the scenery, but there were also a lot of people. Anxiety-inducing on so many levels. Meeting new people, reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years, being completely out of my usual element. I needed to feel grounded again.

Oddly, one of the most comforting sights was the cupcake table. Some were simply dressed, such as the cupcakes topped with coconut shavings like fluffy clouds, or the chocolate cupcakes adorned with a raspberry jewel. Ripe, vibrant.



Meanwhile the gluten free cakes were adorably adorned with edible grill tops and candy barbecue standbys. (Gummi kabobs!)


Sweet reminders that the tiny things in life can be so, so good.