calming cupcakes.

I went to a wedding last weekend. Actually, I went to two weddings last weekend (yes, you read that right), but the first one I went to was outdoors. There was so much beauty in the scenery, but there were also a lot of people. Anxiety-inducing on so many levels. Meeting new people, reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years, being completely out of my usual element. I needed to feel grounded again.

Oddly, one of the most comforting sights was the cupcake table. Some were simply dressed, such as the cupcakes topped with coconut shavings like fluffy clouds, or the chocolate cupcakes adorned with a raspberry jewel. Ripe, vibrant.



Meanwhile the gluten free cakes were adorably adorned with edible grill tops and candy barbecue standbys. (Gummi kabobs!)


Sweet reminders that the tiny things in life can be so, so good.



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