tiny beautiful [kitchen] things.

So, a friend of mine posted a short video on Facebook today of someone making tiny doughnuts. It was so oddly comforting and meditative, seeing the care and precision required to make these itty bitty confections.

Apparently, it’s part of an entire series on Tastemade called, aptly enough, Tiny Kitchen.

Needless to say, I’ve watched every single video. They’re just so strange but so incredibly adorable. It’s like someone is having a party for their local group of Littles or faeries.

While I do like the doughnut video best, the scrambled eggs and bacon comes a close second. Maybe it’s because that’s a meal I make often. Simple, comforting, classic.

All these teeny tiny how-to’s are worth watching, though, if for nothing else than to give you ideas of what you’d like to cook for your next (human-sized) dinner. Teeny tempura! Miniature steak! Lilliputian queso dip!

It’s all in the details….



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