Recently, I found myself in Philadelphia, where I like to go when I need more city life in my life. I can’t always get to New York, so when I’m craving a taste of my hometown, Philly usually fits the bill. I was tempted to duck into one of the cafes I’d been to before or default to La Colombe because, duh, but I decided to try somewhere new and headed to Menagerie. When I saw this sign, I knew I had come to the right place.


I got a glass of beautiful cold brew and snagged a seat in the back. The space was small, and, though I was bummed that all of the front spaces were occupied on the ridiculously warm pre-spring day, I snagged a seat in the back, which was cozy and quiet.



Besides, had I not sat in the back, I might never have seen this beautiful art area awash in baby pinks and blues.





I can’t wait to return and try one of their lattes, a sandwich and a cookie. Cozy up at the picture window, watch the world go by and write, write, write!



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