diy: honeybar edition


The one, the only, Honeybar snack.

I stopped into Honeygrow the other day while running errands for one of their insanely delicious honeybar snacks. Basically, it’s fruit, honey and toppings like candied cashews and granola. In addition to being super tasty, honeybar snacks are made with locally sourced ingredients. The buckwheat honey is pretty much the best thing ever.


It really is that good.

Unfortunately, all of this local foodie goodness comes at a price. Namely, $5.95. (Yogurt costs an extra 50 cents. Probiotics ain’t cheap.) While this is a fabulous treat, and I love supporting a local business, I’m also not made of money. This babe is on a strict budget. So, still craving this awesomeness today, I checked my pantry and made my own no-frills honeybar snack. (It’s basically a yogurt parfait, in case you couldn’t already tell. Keep up.)


My own budget version…unfortunately, the light isn’t as flattering in my kitchen as it is by the window at Honeygrow.

Ta-da! I didn’t have the exact ingredients that went into my honeybar snack, but I had gorgeous fresh strawberries, apple cinnamon crunchy granola bars, maple yogurt and honey. (I also had coconut shavings, but I seriously forgot about them until…just now, actually.)

The maple yogurt combined with a drizzle of honey gave a flavor similar to the excellent local buckwheat honey used in my fancypants honeybar snack, and the apple cinnamon granola was the perfect bit of crunch, similar to the candied cashews I had in my other snack. It was delicious, filling and way cheaper than $5.95. (Granola is an option at honeygrow, but I love the candied cashews.)


The perfect breakfast for a frugal foodie.

Next time you’re craving a treat from a beloved eatery but your bank account isn’t cooperating, try whipping up a similar version.

Don’t worry, Honeygrow. I’ll still be by for more goodies soon. Maybe I’ll even get a noodle bowl, but it’s so hard to resist local yogurt and buckwheat honey….



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