moving forward….

After my last post, I’ve kept on with my writing, even performing this past weekend in a show that was the culmination of my participation in a workshop that explored the Latino immigrant experience through the lens of Shakespeare. It was pretty fucking amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve been on stage, and for some crazy reason I went really raw and emotional with the piece. It just all poured out of me one day, and the disparate elements came together thanks to a long walk, coffee and Frida.


Every time I rehearsed it, I would feel physically ill. But I did it. I made my nerves work for me. And I actually had fun.

What a concept!

And now…

I’m learning to treat myself with loving kindness and grabbing moments of beauty and joy whenever I can.

Lover Man and I actually went out on a date. An honest-to-god, old-fashioned dinner-and-a-movie date. A matinee of Captain America: Civil War (because we’re old), including snacks because pretzels and nacho cheese make every movie better. It’s just a fact. Then, we went to a local restaurant and chowed down on burgers and craft beer. It. Was. Glorious.


A Sunday jaunt to a local cafe for brunch ended up with a walk and random drugstore purchases, including the most adorable pens I have ever seen. They’re colorful! And tiny! In a pouch! HOW COULD I RESIST?! (I’m currently obsessed with color-coding my Bullet Journal, which is the super colorful paisley print book below.)


I went for a run today and wore my fancy floral running capris. Naturally, I had to take a quick detour to the roses.




Running is pretty much the only time I ever really feel like a badass. I push ahead, challenge my body and don’t let obstacles get in my way. I’m a good running citizen, letting people know I’m approaching with a clear, “On your left/right!” and thanking people for moving over when I’m coming through. But the thing is, people actually move. They don’t mock or ignore me. They just move. They acknowledge me. They make space. I’m not used to people making space, allowing me to move ahead, strong and confident.


Afterwards, I treated myself to an iced almond milk latte.


Drink it all in.



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