let it happen.

Yes, it’s the season of Lent. That time of year I should be giving something up to atone for all the ways I’ve fucked up since last Easter. I’m currently eating Cheerios out of the box as I’m writing this; I’ve also become a little too accustomed to noshing on bags of granola and calling it dinner. Maybe I have subconsciously given up adulting for Lent. Then again, I have anxiety disorder. My entire life consists of beating myself up for perceived fuckups and fears of all future fuckups to come. I am Lent personified.

I liked last year’s Lent challenge and did well blogging regularly for that time. I’ve decided to do it again. So, where do I begin?

In this totally Bizarro World we’re currently living in (thanks, GOP!) I’m finding it more important than ever to take solace in the little things. (I’m also finding it more important than ever to obsess over Twitter, but that’s a story for another day.)

So, I’ll start with a song.

Tame Impala is a band I tend to forget about until someone brings their music to my attention. Recently, someone sent me a playlist that included “Let it Happen” by Tame Impala. I cannot stop listening to it. Running, writing, zoning out, cleaning – there it is, simultaneously energizing and soothing me. Hypnotic and frenetic and visceral. I’d post the actual music video, but it cuts the song to a radio-friendly length of just over four minutes, and you really need to immerse yourself in the full nearly eight minutes of aural goodness.

So, let it happen (it’s gonna feel so good).




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