scenes from a snow day.

I didn’t sleep well the night of the storm. The constant tap-tap-tapping of sleet and the violent winds shaking my windows made it hard for me to settle down. I already knew that my job was closed for the day, so it wasn’t the usual anxiety I’ve experienced in the past, where I’ve stayed awake planning what I would wear and how I could avoid slipping and falling. (Constant vigilance.) There was the creep factor, certainly, but I sometimes find that comforting.

Finally, I drifted off, and when I woke, I gathered my supplies. A good book to curl up with, my journal to get some much-needed writing done, my planner to help me stay on track, my laptop to keep up with the world (and play some good music) and tea (because obviously).


I also took the time to make the perfect breakfast…okay, lunch. I have been terrible at eating breakfast lately. I chalk it up to early shifts at work, where I basically run on coffee. I know, super healthy. (Get off my back, mom.)

Smashed peas on toast. Trust. So cheap, so tasty. Add hard-boiled eggs and a sprinkling of cheese, and you have total toast perfection. I started eating peas on toast thanks to Leanne Brown, whose cookbook Good and Cheap has become my kitchen bible. (I raved about this book on HellaWella nearly two years ago. It’s amazing, and it’s free, guys. You really can’t go wrong.) And The Kitchn has the best method for making perfect hard-boiled eggs.



After my usual visit to Twitter, I indulged in some court television, and then I got down to writing. Oh, writing. You ever have a scene that is so integral yet will not come together? Well, that’s basically been my life for the past few weeks. (Yes, weeks.) I can visualize the scene in my mind, but I can’t find the words. Maddening! So, I stopped, took a breath and actually outlined the trajectory of the scene. Don’t ever underestimate the power of actually asking yourself the hard questions when you write. Sometimes, you need to stop and think, what is the point of this scene? What does this character want? What does each character involved know? Yes, those are things you probably asked yourself at the start of your journey when writing a story, but don’t discard them just because you think you’re far enough along that you should just be able to get the information out and keep it moving.

Also, writing yourself a little pep talk doesn’t hurt.


Dinner was pure comfort: spaghetti aglio e olio with Gardein meatless meatballs. Simple, cheap and tasty. Go with Ina Garten’s excellent recipe. Trust me. The Barefoot Contessa has never, ever steered me wrong. It comes out perfect every single time. I am well aware that my shoddy, poorly lit picture doesn’t do this amazing meal justice, but I was excited to eat and am aware that my flat lay game is never going to approach Instagram-perfect status. (Progress, not perfection, y’all.)


After all that, I took a brain break and watched some YouTube tutorials. I am really enjoying the informal vibe of Kim Thai’s Chill Chit Chat makeup tutorials. I love how the room doesn’t look perfect and that Kim uses a good deal of drugstore cosmetics. She talks about things like buying makeup on a budget and her life as a student. It all clicked when she said in the video I watched that she is a Communications student (shout out to all my fellow Communications people!) with a concentration in Marketing. Essentially, Kim Thai is a master at marketing herself, which has resulted in partnerships with brands including creating false lashes for newcomer Cake Face Beauty and a moisturizer, the cleverly-named Wanderlush, for cult beauty brand Ofra. And she’s not stopping there, now working with Benefit cosmetics and plans to continue her education and branch out into fashion videos. I love seeing the next generation have goals, ambitions and talent, and it’s inspiring to see someone decide to take a chance and have that pay off. She also has a weekly vlog, which I haven’t watched yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her friendly, approachable demeanor carries over to those as well. Check out the video below and tell me you don’t feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend:

Then, the Maddow show tweeted that they had Trump Tax Returns, so I fell down the Twitter rabbit hole, but I managed to disengage after a while and find my happy place again with episodes of Bob’s Burgers and The Golden Girls.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more writing to do…and some court television to watch.





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