every single night.

Lack of sleep + early shift = tired Jessa.

I’ve been writing today ever since I got home from work. Lots of false starts. Those are always so much fun. Pitches, the novel, other assorted super secret works-in-progress: none of it is sticking.

I assure you, I am not simply writing this blog to procrastinate. Honest. I actually have a point. (Plus, I’m hopeful that blogging will get my brain moving a little faster.)

In the midst of my sad scribblings and bleary-eyed Twitter scrolling, I came across a playlist Lin-Manuel Miranda made called “Write Your Way Out” because Lin-Manuel is everything and always knows how to make the world better. Always. The flow is impeccable (obvs), but I really got hyped when I saw Fiona Apple’s song “Every Single Night” on there. And SAUL WILLIAMS!!!! You guys, it’s like he knows me.

So, I listened to the mix and got some more writing done. Not much, but every word counts.

And yeah, this song is basically my brain all the time. (Have I posted this video on here before? It’s a possibility. I’m not sorry.)

Must. Not. Nap. Maybe I’ll switch on over to his salsa playlist. It is magnificent. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you need to GET ON THAT. The opening song is “Amores Como el Nuestro”. Need I say more? I was ¡WEEEEPPPPAAAA!-ing all over the place listening to it the other day.

Okay, enough blogging now.  I have to face the page and get shit done.



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