Sorry, guys. I know it’s been a while. Depression is fun like that.

But anyway.

When life hands you lemons…

make your version of a medicine ball.

The medicine ball, if you’re not familiar, is a concoction that you can order at Starbucks. (I love all the Instagram love for the drink in this article from Teen Vogue, which also has the exact recipe.) It consists of lemonade, water, jade citrus mint and peach tranquility teas (AKA my two favorite!), honey and, if you’re feeling fancy, peppermint syrup. It’s SO GOOD. Sweet and tart and refreshing and soothing. It’s basically the ultimate cold-weather version of an Arnold Palmer (which, if you didn’t know, is half iced tea and half lemonade).


When you’re home and need some of that lemony goodness but don’t want to drag yourself to Starbucks, you use what you have in your pantry and get to work. Sure, tea with lemon and honey are nothing new, but it’s nice to feel like I’m doing something special for myself.


A big squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a little extra honey, and peppermint tea mixed with ginger peach green tea (which is not shown in this pic, but which I added just afterwards) make for a really tasty treat. Of course, if you don’t want the caffeine from the green tea, then find another option or leave it out. The only thing I really did wish I had at home was the mint syrup, but I’m still very happy with the warmth and comfort this drink provides.

And, fuck it, I’ve been such a neglectful blog mistress that I’ll give you a song, too. It’ll come as no surprise that I’m still obsessed with James Blake’s “The Colour in Anything”. The latest single, “My Willing Heart”, has the most divine video featuring a very pregnant Natalie Portman immersed in water and contemplating life in a beautiful room. Somehow, it all makes sense and fits the vibe of the song perfectly. Blake’s music always makes me feel like I’m drifting off to somewhere deep and safe.

It’s those little moments of comfort that make life feel good.